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Image: Winter - Spring Drawdown in Kinbasket Reservoir, near Valemont

Our Current Recommendations

Our recommendations are based on what we have heard is important to Basin residents during the many community meetings and at other venues since the Committee was created in 2011.

January 2021 Media Release

Summary of Revisions

Letter to governments on CRT Negotiating Team

Updated January 2021 Recommendations

How Our Recommendations Were Created

During 2011 through 2013, we listened to Basin residents and local governments in many venues to hear about the issues related to the CRT.


We also researched potential solutions to some of the issues. In December 2013, we provided our original recommendations on the future of the Columbia River Treaty (CRT) to the federal and provincial governments.

In September 2019 we updated our recommendations based on currently available information and invited public feedback on the draft version. We very much appreciate the feedback that we received. This feedback has informed the current recommendations which we released in January 2021.

These Recommendations have been submitted to the provincial and federal governments as well the regional Indigenous Nations who are participating in the CRT negotiations. Our Recommendations are informing the current negotiations to modernize the CRT and they support resolution of domestic issues that can be resolved in B.C. We will continue to pursue solutions to domestic issues and to monitor and provide input to the Treaty negotiations when appropriate.

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